Maple Syrup Festival Branding

The Maple Syrup Festival is a staple in the Lansing community. Families coming together along the Sugarbush trails deep within the Fenner Nature Center, creating not just memories, but syrup as well. Through hands on experience, festival goers can learn the methods and history of this annual event.

llustrate the Festival’s literal nature of coming together and enjoying its sweet gooey treat through playful typography, hand drawn elements, and animation.


One of the first things I did when I began this project was driving out to Lansing, and actually exploring The Fenner Nature Center. There I was able to see for myself where this event took place and really begin to understand what makes this place special. I also had the opportunity to talk to several workers of the Nature Center and hear stories about their past experiences working the event.

Prototyping + Play
After initial research, the next step of my process was in fact experimenting with the festivals main component - syrup. In doing so I began to construct letter forms, explore patterns, and other visual elements that could later on be incorporated into the final design.

The inspiration behind hand drawn typography came from the concept of the Festival’s hands on approach. In my initial sketches, I leaned heavily into the gooey/dripping nature of the letterforms, a solution that would go through many revisions.

Different Solutions
In any creative process, you try a lot of different things. While trying to capture the illustrative nature of the type, the syrup concept was coming across a bit strong, and also lacking good form. In revising this concept, I decided to stray away from making the entire mark resemble an ‘ooey gooey’ mess, and instead begin to be more strategic in where the ‘ooey’ would happen. Eventually landing on a solution I was quite happy with.