Life Remodeled 


Christopher Holdstock, Matt Nielsen, Montazar Majid

Fifteen-week remote group re-branding for a Detroit non-profit that focuses on remodeling community assets, repairing owner-occupied homes, and developing community driven projects and programs.

Life Remodeled is rooted in taking all of the uniqueness of life and providing the environments for growth, engagement, and humility at large and small scales. Our brand approach was to visualize an idenity that is expandable, neutral, while also highlighting what Life Remodeled does best: seeing, hearing, and doing within the community. It truly embodies what “Life” is really all about.


Word Mark
At it’s initial stage, the mark fits on two lines. The graphic ‘O’ within the mark originated from our developed promises for the brand: In their community, they are the eyes that see, the ears that hear, and the hands that do.

The organization’s name and the ‘O’ work in conjunction because it represents a coming together in unity, working toward a shared commitment. Just like the ‘O’ mark, the uniqueness of life is what tends to bring us together.