Sailor Made : 826 Cape Cod

Branding / Case Study

826 National is a nonprofit organization that reimagines what tutoring can be. Each chapter of 826 has an imaginative storefront which provides a gateway for meeting families, teachers, and connects students with community members.

826 Cape Cod is inspired by the areas nautical history and it's ties (or sailor knots) to the many inked sailors that have navigated these seas.


This project began with two weeks of extensive research of our selected region. After a formal presentation of initial data, findings, and other relevant information, we finally got into the "covering up walls" portion of the process. Everything from language, color, symbols, illustration style, photography, to even the kinds of tattoos. This brain dump of content is always one of my favorite parts of any project.


Inspired by the tattoos many of these sailors often had, it felt accurate to try my hand at hand drawn wordmarks and original flash sheets/imagery, true to the nature of Sailor Jerry. The wordmark went through several changes, often times not quite expressing the true gritty nature of the life of a sailor. Once I found my footing, it was smooth sailing from there. (I apologize for my shitty sailor puns.)

Final applications included full stationary, pencils, shirts, beanies, bandanas, flash sheets, temporary tattoos, store front, and an identity poster.

Hope you enjoyed!